Five reasons to book a private transfer to / from Bucharest airport

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We are passionate about travel and flights. We like to travel a lot, to explore new places, to try the local cuisines, to visit the less known tourist objectives. Personally, I have over 300 flights. Each flight has a story and for the most part they were beautiful, memorable experiences. For us, any journey begins with going out the door and ends when we enter the house.


We are not typical, but the time and the large number of trips made us more efficient and experienced in organizing. We take into account each stage of the journey and arrange it so that it runs smoothly. Obviously, it doesn't always work out, but what would be the charm if we didn't live with a little adrenaline? As an example, on one of our trips we were on the verge of missing the plane. I didn't estimate the transfer time from home to the airport, I also caught a crowded area, and every minute spent in traffic was more and more stressful. But we had a very good driver and he took us to the airport safely. We reached the limit a few minutes before the boarding gate closed.

Since then, I have decided to increase the time margin when it comes to the transfer from home / hotel to the airport. I better wait, instead of running down the aisles of the airport :). At the same time, in recent years I turn to various companies airport transfer. Below are five reasons why you should do the same, if you resonate with us.

  • Early booking! I used to book the transfer from / to the airport in advance so as not to be constrained by waiting times. There were situations when I did not book a car in advance, but I placed an order in real time and I was surprised not to find a car or to wait longer until it arrived. At certain times of the day, ordering a car can be a lottery if it is not booked in advance. This can happen in any country / destination.
  • Possibility to choose a car according to your needs! Depending on the configuration in which we go on the trip, you can choose the type of car. There are transfer companies that can even provide a child seat on request. If traveling in a group or extended family, a multi-seater car can be requested. It is an advantage to know that you can opt for a transfer in a spacious car, with friends or family, without dividing them into several sedan cars, especially in foreign countries.
  • The transfer can be scheduled between the airport and any corner of the country, obviously with the related costs! We are lucky because we are in Bucharest and we can take advantage of several modes and transport services from / to Henri Coandă International Airport, depending on the time of travel. But we must not forget that there are more and more people in the surrounding areas, maybe 30-50 kilometers from the nearest airport. One solution remains private transfer. There are some costs, but if you have to, you have to! Even we needed a private transfer over a distance of over 200 kilometers. The same can be applied in different destinations abroad.
  • Ways of payment worthy of the XNUMXst century! I am very interested in the method of payment because in 99% of cases I pay by card or directly from the account. For some time, I avoided paying cash because I don't like bargaining with the driver. When booking a private transfer, you can pay in advance or choose to pay by card at the end of the trip. It is an advantage especially when we travel abroad and do not have enough money in the local currency.
  • Increased comfort! A private transfer from / to the airport offers the greatest comfort for passengers. In general, the cars are clean, spacious, with drivers in suits. There were cases when we received soft drinks. At the same time, it gives us extra confidence and security. As I said, a journey starts from the moment we walk out the door, and transfers are very important to eliminate the extra stress. We know that we got in the car and arrive at the destination, without changing means of transport, without having to drag our luggage.

Depending on the time of the trip and the place of destination, sometimes it may be better to turn to a car rental company in Bucharest, if you have permission and you are not afraid of the unknown. Even if you travel to Bucharest, you can rent directly from the airport, do your job as many days as you want, and when you leave you can also leave it at the airport.

That being said, we wish you a pleasant and stress-free trip!

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