Cluj - London with Wizz Air, from March 31, 2019 (Flight schedule)

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From 31 March to 2019,  Cluj Napoca - London Gatwick with Wizz Air. Tickets for the new route are already on sale and can be booked on or via the WIZZ mobile app from just 109 RON / segment. The price includes a free hand luggage with dimensions of 40x30x20cm.

Cluj - London flight schedule with Wizz Air

Flights Cluj - London with Wizz Air will be honored with Airbus A320 aircraft, which come configured in a single class with 180 seats. The flight schedule Cluj Napoca - London Gatwick with Wizz Air will be as follows:

W6 3309 Cluj Napoca 18:45 - 19:50 London Gatwick Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
W6 3309 Cluj Napoca 19:05 - 20:10 London Gatwick Monday, Tuesday, Friday
W6 3309 Cluj Napoca 19:20 - 20:25 London Gatwick Wednesday

W6 3310 London Gatwick 20:40 - 01:30 Cluj Napoca Thursday, Saturday Sunday
W6 3310 London Gatwick 20:50 - 01:40 Cluj Napoca Monday, Tuesday
W6 3310 London Gatwick 21:05 - 01:55 Cluj Napoca on Wednesday
W6 3310 London Gatwick 21:00 - 01:50 Cluj Napoca Friday

As you can see, there are daily flights on the route Cluj Napoca - London Gatwick, but the timetable will be different from one day to the next. TIP !!! If you hurry, you can find plane tickets from 95 lei / segment, below the announced minimum price.

In total, Wizz Air now offers 141 low-cost routes from ten airports in Romania. Across the country, this year's Wizz Air operations will support over 5.500 jobs in associated industries.

The first Wizz Air flight from Cluj-Napoca started in 2007, and since then the airline has become the most important carrier at Avram Iancu International Airport. In the first 11 months of the year 2018, WIZZ transported more than 7,5 millions of passengers on its routes from / to Romania, which represents an increase of 13% compared to the previous year.

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