Armand's "Macarons with love" collection has arrived at PrioriTea

Armand's "Macarons with love" collection has reached PrioriTea

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In the summer of this year, I discovered PrioriTea, a teapot on my soul. Here I found the quietness I need sometimes, I found fine people, I found the best lemonade in Bucharest and I tasted cooked dishes with much grace. PrioriTea tea shop is on Romulus street, at number 41 - two steps away from Calea Călăraşilor street and two others from Udrişte.


But this fall, I'm giving you one more reason to cross the threshold of this tea. The collection "Macarons with love”From Armand also reached the menu pRIORITIES. The story of the Armand macaroni starts with the extra fine almond powder brought from California, which meets the most delicate icing powder, a mixture of which is homogeneous powder called tant pour tant.

Then there is a syrup made of sugar and water that boils up to 118 degrees and fresh whites, from which Italian Meregue is obtained (honey). Allow to stand for half an hour before baking at 140 degrees for 15 min.

The macarons are perfect with delicious filling of jam, fresh fruit jams or fine creams made from butter or chocolate. Because these wonderful desserts are also very delicate, they must be kept cold in certain humidity conditions in order not to dry too much.

Delicious macarons from the collection Macarons with love are a gastronomic story told by Armand through his own interpretation of aromas specially elaborated on the basis of chocolate and fresh fruits.

Boehme (gianduja) - A romantic and decadent macaroon that harmonizes the taste of dark chocolate and gianduja cream.
Sweet Kiss - A symphony of smile and color, the delicious macaron is the ideal balance between strawberry cream and lemon aroma.
Fresh delight (fisticuff) - The delicate taste of white chocolate, harmonized with pistachio cream, bring a delicious and fresh macarons, like a morning of love.
Simphony (coffee) - The sophisticated aroma of espresso coffee combined with the delicacy of white chocolate, a symphony of senses and aromas.
Pearl (white chocolate)- The silky taste of white chocolate and natural cream, along with the delicious raspberry, a delicate and romantic macaroon.
Passion (dark chocolate)- The aristocratic touch of Belgian dark chocolate, a sophisticated and passionate macaron.

And if I didn't convince you, I'll let you take some pictures!




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