Bucharest Airports National Company: tenders for investment works of almost 800 million lei!

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CN Aeroporturi București announces the launch of public procurement procedures for airport infrastructure works worth almost 800 million lei at Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport (AIHCB).

Most of this amount, approximately 773 million lei, is to be invested in the AIHCB movement system systematization program in order to increase the operational capacity and ensure compliance with the provisions of European Regulation 139/2014.

Thus, in order to increase the load-bearing capacity, most of the runways as well as the fast clearances will be rehabilitated to ensure the unrestricted operation of Category 4E aircraft (such as Airbus A340 and A350 or Boeing B777 and B787).

At the same time, the 1 and 2 aircraft parking platforms will be expanded and a new parallel runway will be built on Runway 1, thus increasing both the number of parking positions and the airport's operating capacity.

Another tender procedure is organized for the north extension of Platform 1. The extension works started in 2019 and, due to the repeated non-compliance with the contractual clauses and the long term of execution by the contractor, CNAB went through all the legal procedures. termination of the contract, the stage concluded in February this year.

The design and execution works for a canopy in the passenger access area on the internal arrivals flow, between the landing pad from the platform buses and the terminal building, were also put up for auction. This canopy will provide comfort for passengers, especially in adverse weather conditions. The works are estimated at approx. 815 thousand lei - design and execution - and will last 6 months.

At the same time, CNAB announces that the replacement of the lifts from the Departures airport (installed in 1997), as well as the escalators from the Arrivals station (installed in 2002) has been completed. Also at the Arrivals Airport, the panoramic lifts will soon be replaced.

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