Concerts and festivals Romania 2024

In 2024, the most awaited and famous Romanian concerts and festivals return. The tickets have already been put on sale, and the organizers have announced important names that will come to Romania to perform or mix.

Concerts, festivals and shows in Romania

They will not be missing the most anticipated festivals from Romania, such as Untold NEVER, Saga Festival, Summer Well or Neverse. Regarding concerts, we remind here Iron Maiden, Evanescence, Placebo.

It is time to make your plans and book accommodation or plane / train tickets, as appropriate. Hurry up and get your tickets, seats are limited. Regardless of your favorite musical genre, there is something to meet your needs. And if you haven't yet made your plans for the concerts and festivals you will be attending in 2023, you may find inspiration in the recommendations below. Below is the list of the most important concerts and festivals organized in Romania in 2023.

Coldplay concert in Bucharest

  • Place: National Arena, Bucharest
  • Start date/time: June 12 - 13, 2024

Festival SAGA Festival 2023 in Bucharest

  • Place: Romaero, Bucharest
  • Start date/time: 5 JULY 2024 (00:00) – 7 JULY 2024

Neversea Festival 2024 in Constanta

  • Place: Neversea Beach, Constanta
  • Start date/time: 4 JULY 2024 (14:00) – 7 JULY 2024

Electric Castle Festival 2024 in Bonțida

  • Place: Banffy Castle, Bonțida
  • Start date/time: 17 JULY 2024 (12:00) – 21 JULY 2024

UNTOLD 2024 in Cluj

  • Place: Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca
  • Start date/time: 8 AUGUST 2024 (14:00) – 11 AUGUST 2024

Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Brașov

  • Place: Râșnov Citadel, Brașov
  • Start date/time: July 31, 2024 – August 4, 2024