COVID-19 Daily - September 2, 2021: the Mu variant of COVID-19 was identified in Colombia; The UK is preparing for dose three; The fourth wave came to Germany

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The coronavirus pandemic does not seem to be over. New restrictions continue to emerge, new variants and mutations of the virus are emerging, and many countries are already facing wave four or five.

The Mu variant of COVID-19 was first identified in Colombia in January, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO is monitoring the Mu variant and has warned that it has mutations that could help prevent vaccines.

Research published in "The Lancet: Infectious Diseases ” they said that only 0.2% of fully vaccinated adults and only 5% of those who get sick will suffer for a long time, over a period of symptoms lasting more than 28 days.

A shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines to be shipped to Europe - from South Africa - was torn off, according to Strive Masiyiwa, spokesman for the African Union. He said the doses would be returned to South Africa. The exact causes of this refusal are NOT known.

Prince Harry of Great Britain gave a speech urging governments to share vaccines and counter "massive misinformation" about the risks of vaccines. He spoke at the GQ Men's of the Year Awards, where the Oxford-AstraZeneca team was awarded for their work.

A shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines to be sent to Europe - from South Africa - has been stopped.

Health authorities in the UK have been told they can offer a third dose of vaccine, but have insisted it is not a "booster", but a third additional dose. intended for patients with severe immune system problems.

12 million cthe opiates of France returned to school. All age groups were told to wear facial masks in class. It is a vital part of France's plan to reopen all institutions, from primary schools to universities and postgraduate education.

Hungary fell out of the standings countries with the largest vaccinated population, reaching position 20, vaccine absorption stagnating since early summer. On average, 76% of adults in European countries received a first dose of vaccine. In Hungary, the figure has reached 67.5% - a number that has barely increased in recent weeks. As of this week, 162.000 people who were to receive a second dose of vaccine did not show up to receive the booster.

The fourth wave of the pandemic has officially begun in Germany, according to officials at the Robert Koch Institute. RKI reported 13.531 new cases, with 1970 more cases compared to Wednesday, a week ago, when 11.561 new infections were reported. 23 people died from the virus in 24 hours.

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