COVID-19 Italy: FFP2 mask will be mandatory in airplanes, trains, ships, buses!

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The new decree approved by the Italian authorities brings a number of new rules on the use of personal protective equipment. From December 29, 2021, Italians will be required to wear FFP2 masks in transportation, shops, theaters, stadiums, airports and many other public places, indoors and outdoors. The new measures will be valid until January 31, 2022.

At the same time, the consumption of drinks and food in closed areas will be prohibited. In conclusion, those who go to the movies will no longer be able to consume soft drinks and popcorn. These high-quality masks will also need to be worn on board aircraft, trains, ferries, buses, trams, coaches and the subway.

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Under the new rules, the mask will be mandatory even in white areas, with the lowest epidemiological risk. The decision was made to stop the rampant momentum of the new Omicron strain. Italy has started reporting more than 45000 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours.

With the approval of the new measures, Italy has banned all New Year's Eve shows. Parties and mass performances were also banned. Nightclubs and similar locations will also be closed until 31 January.

The government has also decided to reduce the validity of vaccination certificates from nine months to six months from 1 February. This is while the Green Pass will be requested in more and more places, including museums. The booster dose can be given 4 months after full vaccination, instead of 6 months as before.

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