Cristi Pitulice: The minute and the score in time of war - 04.03.2022 / 09:00

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We are in the 8th day of the war and Ukraine is heroically resisting. Russia continues to bomb large cities and strategic targets in Ukraine, while Ukrainian soldiers bravely defend themselves. All this time, the world is "bombarded" with hundreds of pieces of information from the front. Some are real, tragic and sad, others are fake news meant to induce panic, fear and destabilize the credibility of one camp or another.

Cristi Pitulice chronicle ”minute and score (telegram channel) ”during the war and brings all this information to your attention, looking for validation from several sources. It presents real, confirmed information in its characteristic style. At the same time, Cristi signals where rumors and fake news make their presence felt.

Starting today and with the agreement of Cristi Pitulice, we will publish these chronicles twice a day, at 09:00 and 21:00.

Minute and score in wartime - 04.03.2022 / 09: 00

Front information

🪖In the aftermath of the fighting last night around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (the Russians bombed the perimeter of the plant) a fire broke out in an administrative building which was later extinguished. The fire did not affect nuclear facilities. The fighting ended this morning. The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is the most worrying point of the moment in this war.

🪖The city of Mariupol is not yet conquered by the Russians. The defenders resisted tonight in the central area, but the port, the train station and many other areas of the city are destroyed.

🪖Kiev has successfully resisted. Fighting continues in the northwest and northeast of the capital. The city of Chernihiv was heavily bombed by the Russians tonight, with the central area completely destroyed.

🪖The 60-kilometer column, already famous, is advancing very hard due to the attacks of the Ukrainian army.

🪖Several tanks from the 2nd Motorized Guards Division in Taman were captured by the Ukrainians near Kharkov. It would be 22 tanks. The information is not confirmed by the Russians.

🪖Kharkov resisted tonight as well, although it was bombed with rockets and aircraft. A nearby village was almost completely destroyed.

🪖AirBNB suspends operations in Russia and Belarus.

🪖 Autodesk suspends activity in Russia due to military operations in Ukraine

🪖Reddit blocks any link it sends to the Russian state press.

🪖Roskomnadzor (Russia's Federal Communications Supervision Service) is blocking access by Russian citizens to several Western European news sites and portals, including the BBC, Medusa and Radio Liberty. At the same time, it is shutting down several radios and televisions in Russia. After the Moscow Echo, they also shut down TB2 television in Tomsk.

🪖The United States has imposed restrictions on about 40 Kremlin-related oligarchs and people. They also imposed sanctions on the Russian aviation industry.

🪖Following yesterday's negotiations in Belarus, the Russians and Ukrainians agreed to set up humanitarian corridors.

🪖Another 150.000 refugees have left Ukraine in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of refugees to close to 1.2 million.

🪖Vilnius City Hall renamed the street on the Russian embassy "Heroes of Ukraine" and instructed embassy staff to change their documents accordingly.

🪖Argentina transferred its embassy from Kyiv to Bucharest.

🪖Aeroflot has been removed from global booking systems.

🪖According to NATO estimates, more than 90% of the Russian armed forces assigned to the invasion are already in Ukraine.

🪖 The Moscow Stock Exchange remains closed today.

Information from Romania

⁇ The Astra Museum in Sibiu offers accommodation for refugees, but also jobs.

🇷🇴 CFR Călători also introduced a train on the Chisinau-Iași route.

🇷🇴 Iasi Airport provides free transfer without customs Siret to Ukrainian refugees who have plane tickets departing from Iasi.

⁇ Romania TV was fined yesterday by CNA because it is, as usual, miserable.

🇷🇴 Today at CNSU there is a meeting to approve the sending of ambulances to Ukraine.

⁇ 45 years since the 1977 earthquake.

False or unconfirmed information

❌There is currently no discussion in the UN Security Council on the deployment of peacekeeping forces to Ukraine.

❌The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will NOT enter the Black Sea, it has only been repositioned closer to Romania.

❌ I think that Chechen is no longer alive, but at least he died wearing company boots.

Information being verified

We are looking for confirmation for: 🤷Several Belarusian army units refused to take part in the invasion. "

If you have information about what is happening on the front or related to the war in Ukraine, do not hesitate to leave comments on this article. The AirlinesTravel team and Cristi Pitulice will check them out!

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