How do I get to Lefkada Island? You can get to Lefkada by car, plane or bus.

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The island of Lefkada is part of the Ionian Islands of Greece, being located on the west coast of the country. It is the fourth island in the Ionian Sea, very close to the mainland. The capital is Lefkada Town and is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge. Therefore, Lefkada is the only island that can be accessed directly by car. The island has 117 km of coastline and a population of 20. 


 The island will amaze you with its white rock beaches (the Greek word "lefkada" translates to "white island"). There are lots of activities you can do, from hiking, biking to paragliding or diving. The island of Lefkada has a large number of beaches whose characteristic is the blue-green waters, a feature that makes them popular around the world.

On the island of Lefkada you can find both small and natural beaches, as well as long popular beaches, dotted with bars and taverns or special places for activities (paragliding or kitesurfing).


In the west of the island, the beaches are truly impressive. The water is very clear and azure, and the landscapes are amazing, with steep cliffs that form natural islets in the sea. In the east of Lefkada, the beaches are sheltered from the wind, calm, safe, preferable by families with small children.

  • Beach Porto Katsiki was included in the top of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • Other famous beaches are Egremni and Kathisma. Unfortunately, the first one suffered after a strong earthquake in 2015.

How do I get to Lefkada Island?

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Romanians is Lefkada island. Every year, thousands of Romanians end up spending their holidays on one of the wonderful beaches on the island. You can get to Lefkada by car, plane or bus.

By personal car

The distance between Bucharest and Lefkada is about 1100 kilometers. Most Romanian tourists prefer their personal car because the roads are good (both in Bulgaria and in Greece) and there are many places where you can make a stop to relax. The route takes 14-15 hours.

The route we recommend is: Bucharest - Giurgiu - Ruse - Pleven - Sofia - Petrich - Kulata - Promachonas - Thessaloniki - highway to Athens with exit to Veria - Kozani - Ioannina - Art - Preveza - Lefkada.

As for costs, in addition to fuel, a driver who is going to travel to Greece must also pay the Giurgiu - Ruse bridge fee, a Bulgarian vignette valid for a week or a month - depending on how long he is on vacation, but also a fee of highway in Greece.

By plane

For those interested in a trip to Lefkada by plane, there are numerous flights to Aktion Preveza International Airport, which is 18 km from Mainland Greece and 15 km from Lefkada. Although it is the most expensive method of transport, it is also the fastest method. Every summer, there are numerous charter flights between the big cities in Romania and Lefkada.

By bus

For those who do not want a personal car, and the plane is not really a pleasure, there is also the possibility to travel by bus. You can buy tourist packages (accommodation + bus transport) or you can travel individually.

The bus ride takes about 18-20 hours. It circulates at night, it stops every three hours for relaxation, toilet, lunch break, but the most important thing is that you do not drive and you can relax. You have the best chance of the bus stopping in front of the hotel. The comfort is not the same as in your own car and the road takes a longer time, but relaxation comes to the destination.

No matter how you choose to travel to the island of Lefkada, the holiday is at the destination!

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