From Otopeni, luggage goods also flew

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Did you think that only planes fly from Otopeni? E, it seems that 4 Romanians have shown us that they can also fly luggage goods. 4 thieves were caught flagrantly after extracting several valuables from their luggage.

You have four employees Henri Coandă International Airport were appalled by the Transport Police as they scoured the passengers' luggage. The thieves managed to steal more goods worth 23.000 lei.

The agents of the Henri Coandă Air Transport Police Office blatantly surprised the D. Romică, 33 years, N. Mihai, 40 years, N. Mihăiţă, 26 years and N. Nelu, 42 years, all from Ilfov county, who had stolen more goods from five luggage. The offenders worked at the baggage handling company, and the burglaries were caught by the surveillance camera, writes truth.

Video taken from the site!

And look at this 4 individuals have blotted the image of an international airport. We hope to be punished as required by law and to pay the damage to passengers and the airport.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you can luggage foil for 22 lei directly at the airport, you can secure your goods and luggage through it travel insurance policy and, depending on the airline, you can declare your goods upon check in and then be compensated.

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