Delta Air Lines offered each volunteer passenger on an overbooking flight up to $ 10 to cancel the flight

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Passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight on the route Michigan - Minnesota reported that the airline offered them $ 10 to volunteer passengers to give up their place at a overbooking flight. The airline offered the money to each passenger who volunteered to give up on Monday morning, according to media outlets.

A journalist at the technology magazine INC, named Jason Aten, confirmed what was mentioned by other passengers. The flight attendants were looking for eight volunteers who wanted to give up the flight in exchange for $ 10. Those who had Apple Pay received the money on the spot.

Another passenger, named Todd McCrumb, told KTVB 7 that the offer started at $ 5000 but then rose to $ 10000.

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has apologized for flight delays and cancellations that have stressed passengers in recent weeks. The pilots of the airline went on strike to complain about overprogramming and contractual disputes.

US airlines continue to cancel hundreds of daily flights due to staff shortages. "From July 1 to August 7, we will reduce operational service by approximately 100 daily departures, mainly in the US and Latin American markets.", Announced Delta Air Lines.

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