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About AirlinesTravel.ro

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Welcome aboard the AirlinesTravel.ro site!

AirlinesTravel.ro is an online information platform, specialized in aviation and tourism, part of Airlinesmedia Communication SRL.

AirlinesTravel.ro is an independent news site in the world of aviation and tourism. It offers free internet users important information from the world of aviation and tourism, relevant and, especially, thoroughly verified from 3 sources.

It took off through the clouds in January 2012, officially on March 25, 2012, and since then it has been crossing the sky long and wide to communicate the most important news in aviation and tourism.

Articles about planes, airlines, airports are written daily, breaking news from the world of aviation is published and tourism.

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AirlinesTravel.ro's mission is to sift through existing information online and extract the news that is relevant to you, accurate and well documented.

AirlinesTravel.ro figures and statistics

The site (online magazine specialized in aviation and travel) AirlinesTravel.ro it grows from year to year. AirlinesTravel evolution in annual figures:

  • 2012 - 33 unique visitors / 709 views
  • 2013 - 69 unique visitors / 921 views
  • 2014 - 138 unique visitors / 024 views
  • 2015 - 200 unique visitors / 608 views
  • 2016 - 369 unique visitors / 275 views
  • 2017 - 341 unique visitors / 470 views
  • 2018 - 391 unique visitors / 470 views
  • 2019 - 360 unique visitors / 959 views
  • 2020 - 1 unique visitors / 988 views (January 566 - August 12)

Partnerships and collaborations

The Airlinestravel.ro team constantly participates in various events and is involved in various projects and campaigns together with our partners from travel and airlines. We thank them:

Blue Air
Wizz Air
Air France - KLM

Travel agencies:
Prestige Tours
Paradise Tours
Accent Travel
Genius Travel
I'm in Tours
Tramp Travel
Icar Tours
Happy Tour
Bavaria Tour
Parallel 45 Luxury

Hotels and pensions
Hotel Unirea - IAŞI
Hotel Cumpătu - SINAIA
Villa Camelia - SINAIA
Atra Doftana - Doftana
Villa Laura - Busteni

AirlinesTravel.ro mission continues!