Recommended destinations for the Easter holiday 2023

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According to the Orthodox calendar, Paste 2023 is celebrated on April 24. In this context, it would be good to plan your Easter holiday 2023 in advance. Also, keep in mind that the school curriculum provides for the spring break between April 15 and May 1. A good opportunity to plan a vacation with the little ones.

Easter Holiday 2023

Make the most of your children's holiday for a family getaway and enjoy the sun on a beach holiday in Europe or with a festive visit to one of the beautiful cities of the old continent! Below are some recommendations for Easter holiday 2023!

Easter holidays 2023 in sunny destinations in one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea

Taking into account the Easter period, Greece can be an ideal destination to spend your Easter holiday 2023. Temperatures range from 16 degrees to 25 degrees. It is not an ideal time to bathe in the Mediterranean, but you can enjoy the scenery and explore the hidden realms in search of the gods. You can opt for one City Break in Athens, a holiday in Thessaloniki or a stay on one of the beautiful islands of Greece.

Resorts in Antalya can be another very good choice. The big luxury resorts are ready to receive the first tourists of the summer season 2023. Don't forget the beautiful islands in Europe, such as Corsica, Malta, Capri, Ibiza, Mallorca, Cyprus.

City breaks for Easter 2023 in sunny destinations in Europe

Continental Italy offers some great alternatives where you can travel during the Easter holidays 2023. Explore Tuscany by flying to Pisa or Florence. Relax in one of the Amalfi Coast hotels. Continental Spain is very popular during the Easter holidays of 2023: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga or Seville.

You can opt for one city ​​break in Europe, traveling to less crowded tourist destinations such as: Wroclaw, Poland; Sète, France; Lahti, Finland; Düsseldorf, Germany; Porto, Portugal and more.

Easter holidays 2023 in exotic destinations

Dubai is one of the exotic / luxury and easily accessible destinations in Romania. It is an ideal destination for holidays for couples or families. You can choose a 4 * or 5 * hotel with a swimming pool, located in the city center, or you can stay at a hotel near the fine sandy beaches of Dubai.

Mauritius, Barbados, Seychelles or Maldives may be other options for Easter 2023. The beauty of these exotic islands it is defined more by the sea around them. Some islands have lush jungle and fine sandy beaches, and some delight travelers with local traditions and dreamy landscapes. The water urges us to rest and relax, while the mountain urges us to explore.

These are just a few ideas for destinations for the Easter holiday of 2023. You will definitely have a choice. Travel agencies and airlines are preparing attractive offers for such holidays. Keep an eye on us to find out about them in advance.

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