Due to a technical malfunction, T2 London Heathrow has been transformed into a luggage storage!

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A large amount of luggage gathered at Heathrow Terminal 2 after a technical failure on the evening of June 17, 2022. Some passengers had to fly without luggage, while others faced delays at check-in, an airport official said. Travelers complained on social media about waiting more than two hours for luggage to be recovered.

Stuart Dempster, one of the passengers affected by the problem, tried to find his own bags among the hundreds of suitcases in the hallway. "There seems to be a two-hour delay in baggage retrieval at Heathrow T2 Airport tonight," he wrote on Twitter. "Welcome back to the UK!"

A spokeswoman for London Heathrow Airport apologized for the delays in baggage delivery.

"During the day there was a technical problem with the luggage system in Terminal 2, which has now been resolved," she said. "Passengers can now check in normally, but a large number of passengers, who left Terminal 2, had to travel without their luggage.

"We are working closely with airlines to distribute luggage to their owners as soon as possible. We are sorry that there were any disruptions in the passengers' journeys. "

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