Dubai International (DXB) was in first place in international passenger traffic

In 2017, for the 4 consecutive year, Dubai International (DXB) was in first place in the international passenger traffic. In 2017, Dubai's main airport was transacted by 88.2 million passengers.

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In 2017, Dubai International (DXB) was the first in the world in international passenger traffic. It is worth mentioning that Hartsfield-Jackson - Atlanta International Airport is in the first place in the world in total passenger traffic, registering over 2017 millions of passengers in 103.

Dubai International (DXB) was in first place

Returning to Dubai International (DXB), the airport received monthly visits of over 7 million passengers, except for January, July and August, when traffic exceeded 8 million passengers. Throughout the 2017 year, Dubai International (DXB) received the 88 242 099 passenger visit. We remind you that in 2016, DXB was passed by 83 654 250 passengers.

Chisinau - Dubai with Air Moldova

The increase in passenger traffic was due to the new routes inaugurated by the 6 new airlines, including SalamAir, Badr Airlines and Air Moldova, but also to the routes launched by Emirates and FlyDubai. Plus the increase in frequencies on dozens of other existing routes.

India remains the country with the most passengers registered at DXB. Specifically, 12 060 435 passengers in 2017, up 5.4% compared to 11 440 215 passengers registered in 2016.


Russia - 28% increase

The markets with the highest increases recorded in 2017 were: Russia - an increase of 28%, up to 1 passengers; China - increase of 339%, up to 534a19,4a2 passengers; Thailand - increase of 212%, to 179 passengers registered in 15,2.

As for the richest routes in passengers, London - Dubai with 4 passengers; Mumbai - Dubai with 011 passengers and Dubai - Jeddah with 598 passengers.

In 2017, the average number of passengers per flight increased by 6.9, to 223 from 209. Dubai International (DXB) is the largest hub for widebody aircraft, especially for Airbus A380. We remind you that Emirates, the main airline at Dubai International (DXB), has the largest fleet super-jumbo plus Boeing 777 aircraft.

The target for 2018 is 90.3 million passengers. And through the DXB Plus program, it is expected to increase up to 118 million passengers per year.

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