EADS is suspicious of sales of A380 in 2013

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European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), the group that Airbus is a part of, is suspicious when it comes to sales Airbus A380 for 2013. A380 aircraft deliveries are expected to decline due to problems found on the wings.

Even though temporary solutions have been found to fix the problems, several airlines have contracted their deliveries for 2014, when the new aircraft will come up with total troubleshooting. Qatar Airways said it prefers to wait for the final fix. It is not advantageous to take a temporary bandaged aircraft and then take it into service for final troubleshooting, and this would mean removing it from the operational program.

Related to 2012, EADS is optimistic and believes that the 30 target for delivered units will be achieved. But in the future, the goal is to increase production much more. Currently, Airbus still has approximately 200 of A380 units to deliver. 68 are ordered by Emirates.

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