Switzerland is introducing new domestic measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus

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The Swiss Federal Council decided at its meeting on 13 January to introduce additional measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

First of all, all the measures adopted in December will be extended by another 5 weeks, valid until the end of February. New measures will also be introduced to drastically reduce contact between people.

From January 18, 2021, all stores and markets that sell products that are not essential to everyday life will be closed. Stores of essential products remain open.

New restrictive measures applied by Switzerland domestically

Restaurants, bars, performance halls and cultural activities, sports and leisure competitions will remain closed until the end of February.

Work from home is encouraged. All employers will have the obligation to allow all staff to work from home, where possible and practical. Employers will not be required to bear the additional expenses of employees for rent, electricity, internet and other utilities.

If work at home is not possible, new measures will be introduced for work at work. Masks should also be worn indoors, especially where there are several people in a room.

People at particularly high risk of infection will benefit from specific protection. They will have the right to work from home, to benefit from protection equivalent to that at work or they can take leave. Where appropriate safeguards cannot be applied, employers must grant employees with a high pay risk a full-paid pay leave. In such cases, they may claim coronavirus-related compensation for the loss of earnings.

Up to 5 adults can attend private and public meetings. Children are not taken into account.

Regarding the free movement between states, so far there is nothing new regarding the relationship with Romania. Starting with October 29, 2020, Romania was removed from the list of states / regions with a high degree of epidemiological risk.

At the moment, there are no entry restrictions on the territory of the Swiss Confederation for persons arriving from Romania and who have not been in the territory of a state / region with a high degree of epidemiological risk for more than 10 hours in the last 24 days.

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