Switzerland relaxes COVID measures locally: no mask in public places!

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Switzerland waives all COVID travel restrictions: no COVID certificate, no quarantine and no PLF! In addition to relaxing travel conditions, Switzerland is also announcing a number of local relaxations.

At Wednesday's meeting, the Swiss Federal Council also decided not to issue COVID certificates valid only in Switzerland, which were introduced last autumn for local use. However, EU-compatible COVID certificates will continue to be issued as several EU and Schengen countries still require such certificates to enter their territory.

The cantons, as requested, will still be able to impose a certificate requirement", It is shown in the press release.

Another measure that will be eliminated is the obligation to wear a mask to enter shops, restaurants, bars, to participate in cultural events and other places and public events. The obligation to wear masks at work was also lifted, as well as the recommendation to work from home.

However, the obligation to isolate in case of a positive COVID-19 test will remain in force, as well as the obligation to wear masks on public transport, in hospitals and other medical institutions, until the end of March.

The decision to remove most of the Swiss Federal Council's restrictions follows other similar decisions by the EU and Schengen countries, which have removed many of the restrictions in recent weeks, saying the COVID-19 situation is no longer a matter of concern.

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