The Swiss will be able to obtain the digital certificate (Green Pass) based on the antibody test!

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On 3 November, Switzerland has made several changes to the Covid certificates, especially for those who have had the virus before and have recovered. The Swiss government has announced that a series of new amendments to the Covid certificate will enter into force, informs

The government has stated that the validity of the recovery from the virus will be extended to 12 months out of the six months existing from the date of the result confirmed by the PCR test. The validity of the complete vaccination is currently set at 12 months, but an extension to 18 months is envisaged. 

The Swiss authorities said that more studies are being done on the duration of immunity to both Covid infection and vaccination, but indicated that a longer period of validity is justified for those who have recovered from the virus. 

In addition, anyone who thinks they have contracted the virus before, but has not been tested at the time, can take an antibody test to check for immunity. If sufficient antibodies are found, they will receive 90 days of validity in the Swiss Covid certificate. 

Antibody tests must meet WHO standards and must be paid for by the person who wants to be tested. Antibody tests cost around CHF 70 in Switzerland. 

As expected, the Swiss government has also announced that Covid booster doses will be offered free of charge. 

Switzerland approved booster vaccines for those over 65, along with people in at-risk groups, at the end of October, to be given from 15 November. 

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