Emirates handled over 650 refund requests in just 000 months

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In the last 3-4 months, humanity has stopped. The drastic measures applied by the authorities, in the hope that they will stop the spread of the new coronavirus, have led to economic blockages, to industry blockages. People had to stay in their homes. Factories and institutions have kept their activity to a minimum. And, on the one hand, it's understandable. The contagion of the new coronavirus has led to the infection of more than 11 million people in a short time, and health systems are not scalable to be able to take the large number of serious cases.

The most affected industries: aviation, HORECA and automatically tourism. Even the largest airlines in the world have been affected by this general lockdown.

Emirates has handled more than 650 refund requests

Emirates, one of the largest airlines in the world, announced that it has settled over 650 refund requests in just 000 months. He returned to the passengers approximately 460 million EURO (AED 1.9 billion). It has been and is a strong pressure on cash flow. Many other airlines were unable to secure these reimbursements and some went bankrupt. For these reasons, companies in the affected industries have sought support from their governments.

Going over the impressive amount, analyze the huge volume of requests. Here we are only talking about refunds, but there were also requests resolved by rescheduling or issuing vouchers. Emirates has scaled up this segment, processing more than 200 refund requests per month. An impressive increase from an average of 000 before the pandemic.

If in April, Emirates estimated the settlement of repayments on average at 90 days. The term has now been reduced to 60 days. And we are talking about Emirates, a company with a lot of money, profitable and with a stable cash flow.

In addition to refunds, Emirates always adjusts its booking policies and travel services. It wants to give customers more confidence and flexibility so that they can plan future trips safely.

Customers who purchase an Emirates ticket by 31 July 2020 for scheduled travel by 30 November 2020 can enjoy these fully flexible terms. Emirates has 2 tariff packages for flexibility: Flex and Flex Plus. Thus, you can change your travel plans for FREE if they are influenced by the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

Flex or Flex Plus facilities

Free change of travel date in the same fare class to the reserved destination or to / from Dubai;

Free ticket reservation to any other Emirates destination in the same region or to / from Dubai;

Extended validity of the ticket for 2 years from the date of purchase for future use;

Convert the value of the ticket into a travel voucher that can be used as credit for future purchases of Emirates flights, giving you the flexibility to reschedule when you are ready to travel;

Emirates customers whose travel plans are disrupted by flight restrictions or COVID-19 restrictions can easily request travel vouchers or refunds via an online form. It can be found on the Emirates website.

Emirates currently offers flights to 50 cities, with convenient connections between the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific through its Dubai hub. The United Arab Emirates and implicitly Dubai will open their borders to tourists starting July 7.

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