fbpx Emirates and Qantas "arm" over the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Emirates and Qantas "arm" over Sydney Harbor Bridge (photo / video)

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On 6 September 2012, Emirates and Qantas have signed an important partnership. After preparing for about 6 months, after taking all the approvals and accreditations, the two airlines went together for a long 10 years.

On March 31, 2013, the partnership entered into force. The moment was celebrated in a special way, with two A380 aircraft painted in the Emirates and Qantas color schemes that flew over the famous Sydney Harbor bridge, over the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower, etc. For the first time in the history of the A380, two planes flew in this formation, at an altitude of about 460 meters.

Below you have an impressive photo gallery of colleagues from ausbt.com.au.

The pilots of the two aircraft trained tens of hours in the A380 simulators for this parade. The 2 special flights received the codes QF6600 and EK8388.

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