Exclusive to Eurowings: French fries on board the plane!

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In the summer season 2022, Eurowings introduces french fries to the on-board menu. Eurowings brings the fries on board the plane, using a new manufacturing process from the Dutch partner Foodcase International.

This process uses less fat than conventional French fries. A patented packaging, which can be put in the oven, helps to distribute heat and frys evenly. The result is hot and crispy french fries that can be served above the clouds.

Passengers can order french fries on Eurowings flights. French fries are accompanied by a vegan mayonnaise that complements the snack. Eurowings is the only Lufthansa Group company and the only airline in Germany to offer French fries in airplanes. Young people and lovers of french fries will surely appreciate the new menu. The packaging for french fries is recyclable.

In addition to the famous french fries, Eurowings has updated the summer menu with seasonal products such as sandwiches, German pretzels with chicken breast and much more.

With the new catering concept, which is specially adapted to the season, Eurowings stands out even more from the field of low-cost competitors and positions itself as a valuable airline for Europe.

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