The FAA has approved three more altimeters that can be used for landings at US airports where the C-Band 5G is being implemented. Foreign airlines have announced the resumption of flights!

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The scandal in the US based on the new C-Band 5G networks is far from over. The FAA has issued new approvals to land at US airports where the new C-Band 5G is. However, the new approvals cover up to 62% of the US merchant fleet. The FAA has approved three more altimeters that can be used around C-Band 5G networks without the risk of interference.

Even with these approvals, flights to / from some airports can still be affected. The FAA is also continuing to work with aircraft manufacturers to understand how radar altimeter data is used in other flight control systems. Passengers should check the status of booked flights with the airlines.

Aircraft models with one of the five authorized altimeters include the Boeing 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, MD-10 / -11 and Airbus A300, A310, A319, A320, A330, A340, A380 and A350.

Carriers from Asia, the Middle East and Europe canceled flights to the United States or changed planes at the last minute on Tuesday and Wednesday, disrupting travel for thousands of passengers due to safety concerns caused by the implementation of 5G.

But we have information that the flight situation will return to normal starting today, January 21, 2022. Emirates will fly Boeing 777 to Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Miami, Newark, Orlando and Seattle. Emirates services to Los Angeles, New York JFK and Washington DC remain unaffected. Flights to Boston, Houston and San Francisco, which the airline is temporarily honoring with A380 aircraft on January 20 and 21, will return to operations with the Boeing 777 starting Saturday, January 22.

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