FIJET Romania: Top 10 destinations in Romania, for 2024!

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The Tourism Press Club – FIJET Romania proposes the Top 10 destinations in our country for 2024! Romania is a country that deserves to be promoted for tourism. Thus, the members of the Tourism Press Club - FIJET Romania continue the project entitled "FIJET Romania Destinations", reaching its second edition.

The Tourism Press Club - FIJET Romania has started, for the second consecutive year, an action to identify ten special destinations in Romania, in order to make them even better known

Through this project, we want to draw attention to some places in the country that stand out from a tourist point of view in a particular way. They are places where things are done well and people deserve to be encouraged for their efforts.

For a foreign tourist who comes here for the first time, Romania is always a surprising unknown. Fortunately, in recent times, Romanians have tried (and succeeded) in a more careful involvement in tourism. More often than not, the implications were pleasantly surprising.

Romania is a country that deserves to be promoted as a tourist destination, because it has something to offer the guests who knock on its door. We are still weak in terms of tourism promotion, weaker than our neighbors. Hence the idea of ​​gathering in a ranking ten special destinations in the country, to make them even more known, in the country and abroad (through the colleagues from the national branches of FIJET World), and to reward the way they look and tourism in that area is moving.

FIJET Romania members were on the spot, saw how the destinations look, wrote about them, proposed and voted for them and now present them on the website   and on the FIJET Romania Facebook page – Tourism Press Club.

10 destinations from Romania

Here are the 10 destinations selected by FIJET Romania members: Târgu Mureș, Timișoara, Grădiștea de Munte, Vânători-Neamț, Iași, Sulina, Jurilovca, Borsec, Vatra Dornei and Rimetea. Rimetea is on the 1st place, followed by Vatra Dornei and Borsec.

Other nominations of destinations from Romania

Other proposals supported by the journalists of the Tourism Press Club - FIJET Romania for 2024 were Moinești (Bacău county), Drăgășani (for the Vine and Wine Museum - Vâlcea county), Movileni (for the Moldavian Delta - Iași county), Șimleu Silvaniei (Sălaj county) , Horezu (Vâlcea county) and Balotești (for the Therme complex - Ilfov county).

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