Formula 1 will ban air shows before the start of the grand prix

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Your 1 Formula One season, the organizers of the Grad Prix will no longer be able to use military and acrobatic aircraft before the start of the car competitions. Yes, you read that right. Formula 1 bans aviation shows at the start of the F1 Grand Prix on the grounds that it pollutes and no longer falls within the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions. The aim is to eliminate the environmental impact of Formula 1 by 2030.

In order to reach the target, the organizers of Formula 1 took several measures. This season, for example, a new 10% natural gasoline will be introduced with ethanol, while in recent years campaigns have been launched to eliminate plastic and reduce waste.

With this in mind, local GP organizers (all over the world) have been told to give up military aircraft to support F2's CO1 reduction plans.

From England to France and from the United Arab Emirates to the United States, air shows are entertaining audiences everywhere. Each country "sends its acrobatic team or fighter jets on the runway" to make spectacular developments. Commercial jet flights (very popular in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi) and some historic vehicles, such as Mister Red Bull's private fleet, Dietrich Mateschitz, which runs Spielberg weekends, are only allowed under certain conditions.

There are rumors that F1 organizers no longer want to be associated with these air shows so that they are no longer seen as manifestations of military force and exploited by some countries as propaganda.

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