Pictures BIAS 2013 and some impressions

BIAS 2013 photos and some impressions - the first part of the day

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In the good tradition of the last years, Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS) 2013 it brought together talented aviators and flying devices for all tastes. It was a dynamic program, full of aviation surprises, complex and anniversary.

From the early hours of the morning, the Baneasa airport platform began to be crowded with fans of airplanes and aerobatics. Despite the icy temperatures, the large audience was staring at the sky to watch the most interesting aerial demonstrations.


Compared to BIAS 2012, this edition was much better organized on the ground, but unfortunately something poorer in the air. Due to some unreliable partners, the organizers had to restrict this year's edition to a single day.



I find it difficult to describe in words the air show from BIAS 2013. I am a big fan of airplanes and I lived with emotion every acrobatics done by the guests. As every year, Jurgis Kairys performed. The Romanian club, celebrated this year, was present with the entire team of acrobats and the entire fleet. The acrobatic chessmen were up. And TAROM participated with a beautiful Boeing 737-700, which executed an exceptional "low pass".


Special guests were from Baltic Bees, a professional aerobatics team. It was created in 2008, Latvia. The team's name was chosen by its creators to form a unique, original and unique image, consistent with the attitude and passion of the pilots for flying. Baltic Bees are a band recognized for their unique style of piloting and for the most difficult artistic maneuvers made with military aircraft. The BIAS 2013. Baltic Bees evolved with L-39C Albatros, jet planes and two-seater aircraft, used mainly by European air forces.


Such a show is lived, photographed and less told. I hope the photos below "speak for themselves".

More photos from Bucharest International Air Show - BIAS 2013 - day program.

PZL-Mielec An-2R

(Photos taken with camera Canon EOS 650D + Canon EF 28-300mm f / 3.5-5.6L IS USM. Thank you Canon Romania and F64!)

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