Greece has temporarily banned all Qatar Airways flights after a 12-passenger flight confirmed with COVID-19.

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On June 1, 2020, Qatar Airways operated flight QR203, on the route Doha - Athens. There were 350 passengers on board the Airbus A900-7 (A91-ALW). So far nothing abnormal. However, during the COVID-19 test, which was performed at the airport in Athens, 12 of the passengers were confirmed with the new coronavirus.

Following this flight, Greece temporarily banned all Qatar Airways flights for 14 days. "We also announce that, according to the above epidemiological data, flights to and from Qatar will be suspended until June 15, 2020," the statement said the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection.

Among the infected passengers on board were nine Pakistanis, two Greeks and one Japanese. Passengers confirmed with the new coronavirus arrived in Doha on connecting flights, according to the airline.

All passengers were transported to quarantined hotels. Those confirmed with COVID-19 will remain in quarantine for 14 days. People who tested negative should remain in quarantine for seven days, at which point the coronavirus test will be repeated, Greek authorities said.

Despite reported flight restrictions, Qatar Airways apparently operated another QR203 flight between Doha and Athens on June 3, 2020. The Qatar Airways website also lists flights to / from Athens on June 5 and 8.

It should be noted that the passengers did not become infected on the plane. But they were already infected and flew via Doha to Athens.

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