Greece, Italy, Spain and Great Britain were in the top of Romanians' preferences in the summer season

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The destinations preferred by Romanians between June and August 2021 remain largely unchanged, in the top 5 countries being, according to specialists, countries with large communities of Romanians. Thus, the main foreign destinations to which Romanian tourists went are countries such as Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, France and Belgium.

To these is added Greece, where leisure and recreational tourism is mainly practiced. In the other mentioned destinations we also talk about visits to relatives or friends, or about returning from a holiday at home and returning to work from abroad.

In the first two months of summer, Greece was in the top 10 routes purchased on However, with Greece on the red list in early August, the number of bookings fell by 34%. An antithesis scenario was observed, on the other hand, in the case of Great Britain.

At the end of July, it eliminated the quarantine obligation for Romanians, which led to a substantial increase in flight requests, in July and August, with Romania-UK becoming the best-selling round-trip connection.

The average price of a plane ticket on this route was 124 euros, at a level similar to the price paid for domestic routes, namely 113 euros. At the same time, for a ticket to Spain, Romanians paid, on average, 321 euros. For Italy, the average price was about 167 EURO.

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