Lufthansa strike: more than 1000 flights canceled and more than 130 passengers affected!

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The warning strike announced by the ver.di union has a massive operational impact in the middle of the summer season. Lufthansa will have to cancel almost the entire flight schedule from Frankfurt and Munich for Wednesday 27 July 2022. 

Looking ahead to the coming weekend, the start of the holiday season in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Lufthansa is working hard to return flight operations to normal as quickly as possible. However, the effects of the strike may still result in individual flight cancellations or delays on Thursday and Friday.

From Frankfurt, a total of 678 flights will have to be cancelled, including 32 already today (Tuesday) and 646 on Wednesday. This is expected to affect 92000 passengers.

From Munich, a total of 345 flights will have to be cancelled, 15 of them already today (Tuesday) and 330 on Wednesday. 42000 passengers are expected to be affected.

Passengers affected by the cancellations will be informed immediately today and will be re-routed on alternative flights if possible. However, the capabilities available for this are very limited.

They will also be affected flights between Germany and Romania. On July 27, Lufthansa canceled all scheduled flights between Frankfurt / Munich and Bucharest (except Munich - Bucharest at 18:45 and Bucharest - Munich at 19:25 and Frankfurt - Bucharest at 17:55 and Bucharest - Frankfurt at 18:35) / Cluj / Timisoara. Flights from/to Sibiu also remain active.

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