The inauguration of Nuuk Airport, Greenland, has been postponed until 2024

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and new regulatory requirements for airport equipment and facilities, KAIR is postponing the opening of its new airport in Nuuk, Greenland, for one year.

Due to the complications and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the new regulatory requirements for airport equipment and facilities, KAIR can no longer inaugurate Nuuk Airport in just two years. Instead, KAIR postpones the opening of the international airport of the capital of Greenland by one year, ie until 2024.

The inauguration of the airport in Nuuk, Greenland, has been postponed until 2024, due to the current situation.

KAIR says in a press release that the airport will be completed, but within the current budget and the previously announced additional loan of DKK 900 million - which was announced in the spring.

"We are sorry that the inauguration of the airport will be delayed until 2024. We are aware that it could have some consequences for companies that are currently preparing for reopening. We did everything we could to avoid this situation, but the current situation presented the project with a series of unforeseen challenges, which unfortunately made it impossible to keep the original program. ", said KAIR CEO Jens Lauridsen.

sanitary restrictions and quarantine have delayed the asphalting of the airport, which can only be done in the summer months. In addition, there were several requirements for the runway itself, which were met as the project progressed. The new requirements, together with the pandemic situation, made it necessary to establish a new program.

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