Ireland and the United Kingdom introduce 14-day home isolation for all foreigners

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While some countries are lifting travel and movement bans, others are beginning to impose entry restrictions and introduce new access criteria for foreigners.

Ireland and the United Kingdom introduce home isolation for 14 days. It is a new rule, which will come into force on 28 May 2020 in Ireland and on 8 June in the United Kingdom, respectively.

All passengers arriving in Ireland and the United Kingdom will have to isolate themselves at home for 14 days. Whether they arrive on the water or in flight, they will have to fill in a form with the address where they will reside during the 14 days. This is a passenger location form.

The measure will be reviewed periodically, every 3 weeks. Minister Harris of Ireland said: "These are extraordinary measures, but they are needed in a time of public health crisis.".

He said passengers will receive the form by e-mail before arriving in Ireland, and will have to provide a real address where they intend to stay for 14 days.

Those who do not provide the correct address or do not respect self-isolation will be fined up to 2500 EURO in Ireland and 1000 pounds in the UK.

Ireland and the United Kingdom together impose these rules on all those who cross their borders. But the rule does not apply to those traveling between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Dear readers, document yourself well before traveling to Ireland and the United Kingdom. The measure has been sharply criticized by EU countries, but for now the UK and Irish authorities remain firmly in position.

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