Israel and Greece have signed a bilateral agreement on tourism cooperation.

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Israel and Greece have signed a bilateral agreement on tourism cooperation, giving hope to an industry that has stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen told Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis that he is looking forward to receiving Greek and other visitors to Israel as the population continues to be vaccinated and is positioning itself as a healthy post-Covid destination.

Following a working meeting between ministers, they signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism research and training, as well as to promote joint packages and initiatives between the tourism industries in both countries.

Last week, Israel reached a similar agreement with Cyprus, with the agreement set up to allow citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus to travel between countries without having to isolate themselves upon entering the country.

"This agreement is part of the Greek government's strategic plan and aims to strengthen significant partnerships with the countries of the Mediterranean region."

Despite the difficult context created by the pandemic, investment in tourism has continued in Israel, where it will be inaugurated this year. 8 new top hotels according to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

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