KLM moves to the "next level" in social media - displaying response time

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KLM takes another step in streamlining its online services and announces the display of response time to questions and requests from Social Media. For now, the system has been implemented on the KLM website - www.klm.com, in the Customer Support section, and on Twitter, with the average response time displayed in the header. It updates every 5 minutes. In the near future, the system will also be implemented for the KLM Facebook page globally.


At the time I write this news, the average response time on facebook was 65 minutes, and on twitter 34 minutes.

KLM offers 24 / 7 customer service in ten languages ​​on Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte. This service will be expanded soon to include Google+ and Sina Weibo. The KLM social media team handles about 30.000 of messages each week.

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