Lufthansa keeps the tradition and flies in traditional Oktoberfest costumes

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Lufthansa keeps the tradition of flying in traditional costumes - even if the Oktoberfest in Munich cannot take place this year. As a tribute to the world-famous folk festival, nine flight attendants will take off from Munich to Charlotte in the US on an Airbus A350 on September 22 and to Denver on October 3.

At the same time, Lufthansa is celebrating 20 years since the first flight from Frankfurt to Denver, and 5 years since the first flight from Munich to Denver.

This year, the Trachtenc crew will travel to Europe more frequently than in previous years: on 15 September it flew from Munich to Málaga and on 18 September, the initial start of Munich Wiesn, it will fly to Funchal. Lufthansa CityLine's Trachtencrew crew operates about 40 flights to Germany and Europe. From September 20 to October 3, they will fly to Copenhagen, Dublin, Alicante and Sofia, among other destinations, as well as to Münster / Osnabrück, Bremen, Paderborn and Dresden.

As in previous years, the traditional costumes of Lufthansa crews were designed by Angermaier, a costume company in Munich. The Wiesn Dirndl of the flight attendants is dark blue with a silver-gray apron, while the men wear leather shorts with a dark blue vest in the same fabric as the dirndl. It is a tradition for Lufthansa's passenger service staff to greet passengers in dirndl and traditional costume during the Wiesn season.

Bavarian delicacies on board and in Lufthansa salons

Starting on September 15, special delicacies from Munich will be served on board the Business Class on European routes as part of the Heimat Tasting. Depending on the duration of the flight, a snack with an Obatzter cream and grilled peppers in a hot dish, a lightly smoked pork tenderloin or toast dumplings with a mushroom sauce. A special traditional bread will always be included to go with the dish.

The Lufthansa salons in Munich also continue the tradition of previous years. In Senator and Business Lounges, passengers can choose from typical Bavarian dishes, such as Hendlhaxn with cabbage or Bavarian potato salad. In the festively decorated First Class Lounge, a small Wiesn menu is created.

The tradition of Trachten flights. The first flights in traditional costume took place in 1957 and since then have delighted Lufthansa passengers around the world. The idea was taken up again in 2006, when the first flight left for New York. Since then, Lufthansa Trachtencrew crews have flown to 25 international destinations, from China to Japan, India and the United States. Destinations across Europe have also been added.

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