The United Kingdom was included on Romania's red list according to decision 35 of May 29. All those who will travel from the UK to Romania will be quarantined except for the vaccinated!

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During this day, the National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted Decision 35 (May 29, 2021) and comes with some important changes.

Art.1 - The classification of countries / territories approved by the Decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations no. 33 of 27.05.2021, in the sense of the United Kingdom's transition from the yellow zone to the red zone, starting with 01.06.2021.

Other notable changes: Establishment of the quarantine measure, for a period of 14 days, for foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in Romania from third countries, regardless of the area in which the country of arrival is included, with certain exceptions. Conditioning the entry into Romania according to the vaccine status, as the green list includes third countries for which the situation of COVID infections is not fully known internationally.

Exemption from the quarantine measure established for direct contact persons of a confirmed person for those who have been confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection in the last 90 days prior to contact.

Decision 35 of 29 May 2021

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