Marian Dragulescu, eliminated from Survivor Romania 2022. Is Elena coming?

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Marian Dragulescu, one of the greatest athletes in Romania, had a good and constant evolution in the show Survivor Romania 2022. But his journey in the competition ended on the second day of individual. Marian Dragulescu was eliminated from Survivor Romania 2022, following the collective vote and in a duel of the supporters with Ionuț Popa.

Marian Dragulescu was eliminated from Survivor 2022

Following this elimination, Elena remains the only "celebrity" left in the Survivor Romania 2022 contest. If she does not gain immunity on the third day of individual, she risks leaving, in her turn, Survivor 2022.

It is difficult to anticipate at this time who will win Survivor Romania because the game is unpredictable. It is rumored that the grand prize will be won by Ionuț Popa. But Alexandru Nedelcu is a favorite at bookmakers.

Instead, Oana Ciocan has the lowest share, being credited with the last chance to win the grand prize of 100 EURO.

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