The mask will no longer be mandatory in the UK!

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These days, the international press has announced that the UK is preparing to relax the anti-covid measures and even to give up many of them. The updates that will take effect on January 27 have officially appeared, but all the anti-covid measures will not be eliminated yet.

As of January 20, it is no longer recommended to cover the face of students and staff in high school and college classrooms.

As of January 27, the government no longer requires people to work from home. Employees will talk to employers to resume office work.

As of January 27, it is no longer recommended to cover the face of students and staff in the classrooms of secondary and primary schools. The directors of Public Health will be able to recommend to the students and the staff the wearing of masks in the common spaces only in the places where there are outbreaks or where the local public health situation justifies it, with the approval of the Secretary of Education.

As of January 27, there will no longer be a mandatory requirement for wearing masks. But the British government suggests that you continue to wear masks in crowded areas and enclosed spaces, where you can interact with many people.

At the moment, the other measures imposed by the United Kingdom remain unchanged! We will come back with details!

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