Coronavirus: The measures taken by Blue Air in the context generated by COVID-19

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In the context of the alert regarding the spread of coronavirus and the installation of the quarantine situation in several localities in Italy, Blue Air mobilized to transport its passengers in maximum safety, implementing the following additional preventive measures:

  • Permanent checks of the correct functioning of air filters in airplanes; HEPA filters from Blue Air aircraft have performances similar to those used to maintain clean air in the operating rooms of hospitals, being able to capture over 99,97% of the aerial microbes in the filtered air
  • Disinfection, by nebulization, of all our aircraft. The nebulizer is a fully automated device that allows no human error. It uses tested substances against bacteria, spores and viruses, which penetrate absolutely all spaces of the aircraft. After 6 minutes of distribution of the active substance, the plane becomes completely sterile.
  • Supplementing the number of masks and the amount of disinfectant gel
  • Provision of alcohol wipes, necessary for disinfecting the hands,
  • Permanent information of crews and passengers on the prevention methods.

In addition, Blue Air made contact with the responsible factors of the Ministry of Health, to ensure the correlation of its own actions with those taken by authorities at national level.

Also, taking into account the fact that some passengers may decide not to travel during this period due to the spread of COVID-19 in the north of Italy, Blue Air offers the free travel date modification service.

You can change your travel data for FREE

All passengers who have purchased an international Blue Air flight, with travel data between February 27 and March 15, 2020 (inclusive), to or from Bologna, Florence, Milan or Turin, and whose ticket was issued until February 27, 2020, they will be able to change their travel dates for free, once, without paying the rebooking fee. Passengers will only pay the fare difference, where appropriate.

Special provisions apply to passengers traveling for educational purposes and to passengers who are subject to travel restrictions issued by the Italian authorities.

All passengers wishing to benefit from this gratuity are asked to contact the Blue Air call center for travel information.

This change may be requested up to four hours before the initial flight time and will not apply in the case of non-boarding. Tickets are non-refundable.

confiwe remain on this path the fact that Blue Air did not cancel any flights.

We constantly monitor the situation and, depending on its evolution, we will implement all necessary measures, keeping the safety of our passengers and crew as a priority.

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