Discovery spacecraft on the last flight

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Spaceship Discovery was one of three shuttles remaining operational in the NASA fleet. He made the first flight with his own engines on 30 August 1984, and the last one on 24 February 2011.

Space Shuttle Discovery

Spaceship Discovery

From the achievements of the Discovery shuttle: it made 39 flights and spent 365 days in space, completing 5,830 orbits. It covered 238,539,663 km. Discovery has performed the most individual flights compared to any other shuttle in history. He also performed the "return flight" missions after the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters: STS-26 in 1988, STS-114 in 2005 and STS-121 in 2006.

The other day, he made one last flight, but did not use his own engines. It preferred to be carried on the "back" of a modified Boeing 747-100, and the final destination was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The last flight of the shuttle Discovery

The two aircraft took off from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida and landed at Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC Below are some pictures from Cape Canaveral.

Atlantis and Endeavor shuttles will also be on public display at the Kennedy Space Center Visiting Center, respectively at the California Scientific Center, Los Angeles.

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