Norway has adopted new measures at national and regional level

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On 5 November, Norway adopted new measures at national and regional level in areas that have become foci of COVID-19 infections. Thus, the new general recommendations for the whole country were approved.

New general recommendations for Norway

It is recommended to avoid traveling outside the home and contact with other people. It is recommended to introduce the rule of having only 5 people visiting, apart from family members. Families with several children can meet even if together the guests exceed the number of 5.

Young people and adults who have been in groups of friends or in other situations where it has not been possible to maintain a social distance of 1 meter, must keep a distance of 2 meters from other people in risk groups.

It is recommended to avoid unnecessary internal travel, including to holiday homes, if this cannot be done without coming into contact with other people.

Universities, colleges and other higher education institutions need to assess the extent to which they can move, in the next period, to other forms of teaching that reduce physical presence and reduce pressure on public transport.

Primary and secondary schools must be prepared for the version in which the alert level will be raised to red, if the growing trend of infections continues.

Rules to be applied nationwide.

Limiting to 20 people participants in private events organized indoors and to 50 people to public events indoors, where there is no fixed seating.

Up to 200 people can attend public events with a fixed seat (applies from Monday, November 9, 2020).

Prohibition of admission of new guests in restaurants after 22.00 and closure of bars after 24.00 (applies from 6 November 2020).

Measures applicable locally in areas of infection

Stopping sports on outdoor fields / stadiums for adults. Consideration of stopping sports on outdoor fields and stadiums and for children and young people under 20 years of age.

Additional restrictions on the operation of restaurants, such as their complete closure after 22.00. Further reduction in the number of participants in various events.

Recommendation for the use of protective masks in taxis, when there is this requirement and for use in public transport. Keeping 2 meters distance between people when carrying out physical activities indoors.

Introduction of the obligation to work from home. Introducing the red alert level for high schools and colleges. Recommendations for avoiding the use of public transport.

Closing or restricting the use of activity spaces that have a high potential for the spread of COVID 19 infection, such as gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, museums, libraries or other spaces for events that do not have fixed seats.

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