The new Administrative Capital of Egypt, a city built away from the chaos of Cairo

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Since 2015, the Egyptian authorities have expressed a desire to build a new administrative and business capital. This is the main project of this magnitude developed under the mandate of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. According to existing information, the new capital is being built with the help of the United Arab Emirates.

In an update made these days, the New Administrative Capital is taking shape east of Cairo, and the first officials would move in the summer of this year. The works are in full swing, the city being designed as a high-tech model for the future of the country.

According to the publication, The new Administrative Capital is designed to operate on the basis of smart technologies, away from the chaos and chaos of Cairo. There will be universities, leisure facilities and diplomatic districts. A huge mosque takes shape, as do the administrative buildings (ministries, parliamentary buildings and the presidential complex).

The first phase of the project is estimated at $ 25 billion

The estimated cost for the first phase was $ 25 billion. According to existing information, the United Arab Emirates has reduced the level of investment in the New Administrative Capital, and the expenses have been taken over by the current government of Egypt

Residential neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital - Egypt

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, progress has slowed, and the first phase of the planned three, covering 168 square kilometers, will not be completed as planned. "The completion rate of the first phase exceeded 60% in all projectsSaid Khaled el-Husseiny, a spokesman for the new capital. Husseiny also said that they are trying to solve all the problems they had in Cairo.

However, the first civil servants will be transferred to the New Administrative Capital starting in July 2021, before the completion of the first phase planned for the end of this year. Once completed, the New Administrative Capital will be able to accommodate at least 6 million inhabitants, the second and third phases being mostly residential.

The constructions are all in the New Administrative Capital - Egypt

Work on phases two and three could take decades to complete, but the government will be able to function normally while construction continues, said Amr Khattab, a spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, who is responsible for the execution of parts of the city. .

While there is support for the government's argument that the new capital may reduce Cairo's congestion, there is also concern that it will be inaccessible to many Egyptians. There are rumors that this will be an exclusive city for certain social classes, not for everyone.

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