A RYANAIR aircraft was evacuated as a result of an external flame battery

On 31 July 2018, the passengers of the FR8841 flight, on the Barcelona - Ibiza route, had some adrenaline rush.

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On July 31, 2018, the passengers of flight FR8841, on the route Barcelona - Ibiza, had a little adrenaline. While the aircraft was preparing to take off for Ibiza, a passenger's external battery caught fire. RYANAIR officials say the phone was connected to the external battery.

Passengers rushed to evacuate the aircraft, opening the front door and activating the slide. The fire was extinguished quickly, without the intervention of firefighters. The aircraft was not damaged nor were the passengers injured.

A RYANAIR aircraft was evacuated

One of the passengers was surprised by the evacuation of the aircraft. Panicked passengers hurried to jump on the slide without listening to the advice of the accompanying passengers. First of all, the incorrect position of descent on the slide led to some jolt. The passengers hit the slide.

Secondly, we can see passengers with luggage in hand, risking getting injured and even injuring those around. And third, the passengers stayed by the plane, without being aware of the danger they were exposed to. If there was a bigger explosion or the plane caught fire?

We repeat, pay attention to the directions of the companions on board! Before taking off, the cabin crew instructs you how to act in the event of accidents (water, fire, collapse, evacuation). Stop ignoring them!

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