[Air France Offer] Bangkok, Osaka, Havana

[Air France offer] Bangkok from 499 euro, Osaka from 599 euro, Havana from 649 euro

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Air France also returns this month with the offer: “3 DAYS, 3 DESTINATIONS". The campaign takes place in period 19-21 June, and the destinations are perfect for those who are looking for holiday ideas during the autumn - winter period. The travel periods are: 18 August - 11 December 2014 for Bangkok and Osaka; 1 August - 31 December 2014 for Havana.

As I got used to, I did some simulations. I chose the landmark - 1 December. If you do not want to sing "Wake up, Romanian!" In Romania, you can choose Bangkok, Osaka or Havana.

Bucharest - Bangkok from 499 euros

Bucharest - Osaka from 599 euros

Bucharest - Havana from 649 euros

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