fbpx Anniversary offer LOT Polish Airlines for air tickets

Anniversary offer LOT Polish Airlines for air tickets

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The start of the year comes with many promotions for air tickets. Now is the time to hunt for your next vacation. LOT Polish Airlines has an anniversary promotion because this year marks 90 years of flights.

The offer is valid until 20 January 2019, and trips can be scheduled between 19 February and 31 May 2019.

Anniversary offer LOT Polish Airlines

Plan your next vacation in Poland, Canada, Singapore or the United States because they are great prices on air tickets.

Flights to Poland from 89 EUR
Flights to Singapore from 499 EUR
Flights to Canada from 599 EUR
Flights to United States of America 529 EUR

The offer applies for flights departing from Cluj Napoca and Bucharest. More information about the LOT Polish Airlines offer.

We remind you that LOT Polish Airlines will inaugurate the Bucharest - Krakow route from 1 April 2019, and the promotional price is 119 €.

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