[Ryanair offer] Airline tickets from 1.95 EURO to EUROPA

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As we announced from the early hours of the morning, Ryanair has launched an OCC promotion. He put on airline tickets for sale 2 EURO rates / segment. Fee with all taxes and 2 FREE hand luggage.

The offer is validated for a few flights from / to Bucharest and Timisoara, but also from other Ryanair bases in Europe.

I found the lowest fares for flights to / from Milan Bergamo, from 1.95 EURO / segment. Below is the list of destinations where you can fly at this low-cost price.

demand-Milan-1-95-euro Ryanair-October 2016

Until Milan Bergamo, you can take advantage of the offer of 7.99 EURO / segment for flights departing from Bucharest. You just have to line up the planets, the days and the schedule to be able to combine the flight segments. Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Hamburg, Nuremberg, just a few attractive destinations to consider.

And from Berlin, the promotion is valid for many flights. Rates start at 1.99 EURO. Below is a list of destinations where you can travel with fares from 2 EURO / segment.


Bratislava and Glasgow, 2 attractive destinations and where you can fly with 2 EURO / segment fares. Until Berlin, take advantage of the offer of 4.99 EURO / segment for flights from / to Bucharest.

The offer is also valid for flights from / to Brussels, and the list of destinations with fares from 2 EURO / segment is long.

Brussels 2-Euro-promotion, Ryanair-October 2016


And up to Brussels, you can fly from Bucharest with fares from 7.99 EURO. You have to hurry up and look for the best combinations.

Bucharest Brussels 16-euro


In a short simulation, we found Bucharest - Brussels - Toulouse at 10 EURO / segment; 20 EURO round trip. November 22-24 for Bucharest - Brussels and November 22-23 for Brussels - Toulouse. For those who are passionate about airplanes, it is an opportunity to fly "home" to Airbus.

Spor sought him out and booked him. Places are limited!

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