Black Friday 2021 Phone Deals: The Best Travel Phones!

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The mobile phone has become an extension of ours. We are no longer talking about an accessory, but about a part of us that we use daily from the time we wake up until we close our eyes. Moreover, a smartphone is extremely useful in travel.

For many travelers, a smartphone is the most useful, if not the only, electronic device they will carry. It can replace everything from flashlight to camera, guide, diary, laptop, map and more.

Offer Black Friday phones

It also allows you to keep in touch with loved ones, make real-time transactions, book your accommodation and flights, buy tickets for transportation and more. We can say that he is a reliable companion and always a jumper when needed.

But how do we choose a mobile phone ideal for travel? We must keep in mind that the market is invaded by hundreds of models, some more attractive than others, some more complex than others, plus features and all sorts of technical specifications.

In my opinion, a travel phone must have a good configuration, have a large battery for a range of at least 8 hours, be resistant to various travel conditions (hot, cold, rain, etc.), have a screen with protection at falls.

Given that today is Black Friday Romania 2021, we come up with a number of smartphone recommendations for travel.

The best low-budget smartphones for travel

If you want to buy a new smartphone for travel, but you do not have a very generous budget, know that there are good phones with an average budget of 800-1200 lei. Even these smartphones have become better made and more efficient.

They don't rise to the top, but you can do your job with them. Have a good screen, ok configuration to run various useful applications in travel, a decent battery.

The best mid-budget smartphones for travel

From my point of view, an average budget smartphone costs between 1500 and 3000 lei. Inevitably, mobile phones at the top of the price ceiling are much more efficient. In this money, you should pay attention to details. Smartphones in this category have AMOLED screens even at 120 Hz; top configuration; camera / video with features worthy of a camera.

It is important that your mobile phone is battery-powered so that you can enjoy it while traveling without worrying about running out of battery. Phones in this category have generous batteries that can provide autonomy of up to 30 hours.

From 3000 lei and up you will definitely find the latest generation mobile phones, such as this one Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, who need presentation. They are high-performance, practical and come equipped with the best technologies. But, even on this budget, pay close attention to the battery. A powerful configuration requires a suitable battery.

Personally, use a ASUS ROG Phone 5 - 5G, 256GB, 12GB RAM, which has a 6000 mAh battery. It is ideal for travel from all points of view.

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