OFFICIAL: Great Britain has introduced Romania on the green list! See the travel rules!

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The British government has announced changes to the travel rules, which will take effect on August 8 - Sunday, from 4 am. The lists have been updated: green, orange and red. There is also a green list

Romania has been included on the green list. Starting with August 8, people traveling to England from Romania they will no longer have to be quarantined if they had both doses of the vaccine COVID-19. At the same time, the countries on the green list will include Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia and Norway.

Romania is on the green list of England

There are now 36 countries on the green list, but 16 of them, including the Caribbean Islands, Croatia, Malta, Israel and Taiwan are on the "green watch list", which means they could be suddenly moved to the orange zone. Australia and New Zealand are both green, but neither of them currently receives British tourists.

All those traveling in the green area should not be quarantined after arriving in England, unless they test positive for COVID-19.

India, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been moved from red to orange, which means that those traveling from these states to England will no longer have to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel.

Spain will remain on the orange list, allowing travelers who are fully vaccinated to continue to enjoy the trip to England without quarantine. In the tourism industry, it was feared that Spain could be added to the red list.

From 8 August, at 04:00, fully vaccinated persons traveling from France to the United Kingdom no longer have to be quarantined or tested on day 8.

It should be noted that the British authorities have also increased the price of the hotel quarantine required when returning from a red-list country. It will be increased from GBP 1.750 to GBP 2.285 from 12 August. The fee for an adult in a double room will increase from GBP 650 to GBP 1.430.

Let's recap the rules of travel to England depending on the area you are traveling from:

  • red area - If you have been on a Red List country or territory for the past 10 days, you will only be allowed to enter the UK if you are a British or Irish citizen or have residence rights in the UK. Before traveling to England, take a COVID-19 test (except for children under 10); book a package at a quarantine hotel + 2 COVID-19 tests; fill in a passenger location form. Upon entering England, there is an institutionalized quarantine in a quarantine hotel!
  • yellow area - DIf you have been on a yellow list country or territory in the last 10 days, you are allowed to travel to the UK, regardless of nationality. Before traveling to England, you must test for COVID-19 (within 72 hours of entering the UK); book and pay for the COVID-19 tests you need to take after you arrive in England; fill in a passenger location form. Once in England, you must be quarantined for 10 days at home or at a declared address and you must be tested on days 2 and 8. All persons completely vaccinated in Europe or the USA are exempt from quarantine and the test on day 8 (to at least 14 days after the boom before traveling to England).
  • green area - Before traveling to England, you must observe the following measures: take a COVID-19 test (except for children under 10 years of age); book and pay for the COVID-19 test on day 2; fill in a passenger location form. Once you arrive in England, you must take the test on day 2. It is not quarantined, whether or not you have been vaccinated, as long as the test result is negative.
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