Parking in Mamaia, between 19:00 and 09:00, is free. See how much parking costs for 24 hours!

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The draft decision for the suspension of some provisions contained in the Regulation on the organization and operation of public parking lots in the municipality of Constanța approved by HCL no. 123/2021 was approved today by the local councilors.

The obligation to pay the parking fee in the city of Constanța and the resort of Mamaia, between the hours of 19:00 and 09:00, will be eliminated until December 31, 2022, inclusive.

The approach complements the Regulation on the organization and operation of public parking lots in the municipality of Constanța. The parking regulation provided, since its entry into force, that all economic agents operating in zone 0 could benefit from a single subscription worth 199 lei/month and an additional subscription worth 499 lei/month .

At the same time, the way in which hoteliers rent parking spaces in the Mamaia resort will be improved by mutual agreement, between Confort Urban and economic agents by simplifying the way of contracting and introducing bearer subscriptions.

They will be able to provide tourists with a subscription that will allow them to park anywhere in zone 0 and not just in a specific place, established in advance. Hoteliers can make parking spaces available to tourists for 70 bani/hour, the lowest rate that can be paid in Constanța for parking.

At this moment in the Mamaia resort, out of the 6900 parking spaces contracted, only 100 are with a single subscription and approximately 1200 with an additional subscription. In this way, we want to increase the number of places contracted by hoteliers, currently 1300 parking places are rented out of the 6900 available.

But even at the standard rate set by the authorities in Constanța, parking for 24 hours in Mamaia has become considerably cheaper. We remind you that in the zero zone the parking fee is paid starting from 2 lei/first hour; 2 hours = 6 lei; 3 hours = 10 lei; +1 hour = 4 lei. A simplified calculation shows that anyone who parks in the zero zone can pay only 38 lei/24 hours, of which 14 hours are free. But, as we specified in other articles, some hotels in Mamaia offer free parking!

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