Passengers on a canceled RYANAIR flight forced their way into the plane

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On the night of July 13-14, following the cancellation of the RYANAIR flight on the Toulouse-Marrakech route, the passengers stormed the plane and forced the boarding. The crowd in the terminal became angry when the flight was announced.

French publication La Depeche du Midi mentioned that the plane should have taken off at 21:30, but due to a delay, the passengers were made to wait in the boarding area. With no air conditioning and no optimal conditions, people got annoyed and the situation escalated when they were notified that the flight had been canceled.

"A few were scared. (…) Some passengers began to force boarding and boarded the planeSaid one passenger. And once inside the aircraft, some passengers simply refused to leave. "Police surrounded the aircraftSaid a traveler. According to the director of airport operations, quoted by the newspaper, no one could access the cockpit.

"They had nothing to drink or eat. Some had to wait for firefighters to come and give them a few bottles of water", Confessed one of the airport staff. "Some wanted to go home, others asked for hotel rooms. From 4 am, they even started to get angryHe added.

Only on Thursday morning, around 7 o'clock, the situation calmed down after negotiations between the airport teams and passengers. Finally, the aircraft was able to take off at 11:00, to finally arrive in Marrakech.

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