Dozens of flights were canceled to / from London Luton due to extreme heat

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The heat wave hit the UK, with temperatures of up to 41 degrees expected. Due to the extreme heat, the runway at London Luton Airport suffered, practically melting due to the high temperatures, which led to the cancellation of several flights.

British Luton Airport, north of London, was forced to suspend flights on Monday, July 18, due to damage to part of the runway. EasyJet and RYANAIR had to divert some of their flights to other security airports. Wizz Air flights between London Luton and Romanian airports were also affected.

"Due to the high temperatures, a defect on the runway surface was identified", Said an airport official, before updating that the service will be resumed once the problem is remedied.

The British Meteorological Agency issued the first red alert on Monday due to the heat, which broke the historical record for maximum temperature in Wales, which was 37,1 degrees.

In London, several tube lines had to be suspended due to rail problems. Railway journeys were also affected

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